Revolutionizing fare collection in public transit with innovative, seamless, and comprehensive solutions.


Revolutionizing fare collection in public transit with innovative, seamless, and comprehensive solutions.

With intelliTicket®, we offer a holistic environment of individual modules that can as standalone products or seamlessly synergize together. intelliTicket’s ® solutions are thoughtfully designed to enhance fare operations for both riders and transit agencies.

Our Automated Fare Collection Solutions

intelliTicket’s® Automated Fare Collection (AFC) technologies are adaptable to all sorts of transit operations, including open boarding and fare gates. Whether account-based or media based, from commonly used technologies such as tap-on/tap-off with NFC or credit cards, to the ground- breaking patent-pending solution Be-In/Be-Out that enables fare payment without riders taking any action, intelliTicket prioritizes user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy.

Each of these methods can be combined with each other according to agencies preferences, e.g. Tap-On/Be-Out, Check-In/Be-Out, etc.

Be-In / Be-Out

Patent-pending technology detects passenger’s mobile devices when they board and exit vehicles, completely automating fare calculation and collection, making it the most convenient and accurate method of AFC.

Check-In / Check-Out

With Check-In / Check-Out, Passengers simply tap a button in their mobile app when starting their journey, and end their trip the same way. The app automatically calculates and charges the according fare at the end of their journey.

Tap-On / Be-Out

Passengers simply tap their smart cards or mobile devices equipped with NFC technology at fare gates or validators to validate their entry and exit, making for a convenient and efficient travel experience.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Applications

Leveraging GTFS and GTFS Real Time data, alongside a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness, intelliTicket’s mobile applications streamline trip planning and fare booking. Public transit agencies can choose from a wide set of cutting-edge features, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces, all while maintaining the highest standards of of security, data privacy, and PCI DSS compliance.

Back Office

Providing a one-stop solution for streamlined agency management, this Back Office solution includes comprehensive features such as Account Management, Transaction Management, Customer Support, System Management, Analytics and more – all while adhering rigorously to the highest standards of data privacy and PCI DSS compliance.

Introducing Interactionless Fare Validation

Introducing a ground-breaking approach to fare validation that simplifies the experience for conductors and riders alike. Enabling conductors to
verify passenger’s travel right with a quick glance at their specially equipped screens. Rider’s mobile app’s seamlessly transit their travel rights, eliminating the need to present their phones physically. This innovation optimizes fare inspection, reducing both time, cost, and effort.

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